Court Support for Youth Accused of Crime

Help is available if you have questions or require support in court.

Legal Representation

Youths have the right to have a lawyer represent them in Youth Justice Court.  Youths charged with crimes have an absolute right to a lawyer in all circumstances, even if you or your parents are able to pay for a lawyer on your own. If you are in court without a lawyer, but would like a lawyer, you can tell the judge and they will make sure you get one. If you cannot afford a lawyer, the court will order that you get one free of charge.

You can talk to a lawyer at any time, but it is better to speak with a lawyer before you go to court the first time. 

You have the right to talk to a lawyer either by yourself or with your parent/guardian. You and your lawyer are responsible for deciding how you are going to proceed in court, even if your parents/guardian disagrees. If your parents provide you with a lawyer you don’t agree with, you have the right to have your own lawyer appointed by the court.

How to Get Information

To get information about what will happen at your trial, you should talk to your lawyer. If you are in court because you have not followed the rules of your probation, talk to either the Crown counsel or your youth probation officer. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

More Information

See Court Support (How the Criminal Justice System Works) for more information.