Bail Supervision

Instead of holding you in custody, the court may release you on a bail order, with certain conditions or rules you must follow while on bail. They will likely include that you appear in court at a specified time and report to a bail supervisor.

Bail is also called “judicial interim release.”

Bail Conditions

Some conditions the judge can include in your bail order include requiring you to:

  • Rreport to a bail supervisor at specified times
  • Remain within a specific area (usually the area of the court’s authority)
  • Report changes of address or employment
  • Not communicate with witnesses, victims or other specified people
  • Stay away from certain areas
  • Surrender your passport
  • Not possess any firearms or weapons

Bail Supervisor

When you are released on bail, a bail supervisor manages and supervises your release into the community. Your bail supervisor will meet with you regularly. It is their job to make sure you follow the conditions and appear in court when you are supposed to.

If You Violate Your Bail Order

If you do not follow the conditions, you could be arrested and brought back to court to have the bail order reviewed. You might even be charged with a new offence. If you are charged with a new offence and convicted, the penalties may include a jail term, community supervision and/or a fine.

Youth Bail Supervision

For information about bail supervision for youth, visit Community Youth Justice Services.