B.C.’s Prosecution Service Purpose & Principles

Statement of Purpose

B.C.’s Prosecution Service is key to the criminal justice system. Our purpose is to contribute to the protection of society by preparing for and conducting prosecutions diligently and fairly and by striving to develop the most effective methods to administer justice in our community.

Statement of Principles

B.C.’s prosecution service is governed by six fundamental principles:

1. Fairness

We act with fairness and impartiality in our pursuit of justice.

2. Independence

We perform our public service without regard to improper influence or interference.

3. Rule of Law

We apply the rule of law consistently and diligently.

4. Excellence

We achieve excellence by working together and by employing our skills and knowledge in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

5. Attitude

We serve the public with courtesy and respect.

6. Commitment

People are our most valuable resource. We are dedicated to being open, honest and trustworthy and to treating one another with respect, dignity, and fairness. We endeavour to recognize individual achievement, to share information, knowledge and resources and to facilitate career advancement and educational upgrading.