Tribunal transformation

The Tribunals, Transformation, and Independent Offices Division (TTIOD) is part of the Justice Services Branch of the Ministry of Attorney General. It supports operations and innovation in the tribunal sector and in a growing number of agencies and independent offices.

TTIOD supports the 19 tribunals accountable to the Attorney General. The division supports this sector and improves access to justice by:

  • Introducing new technology
  • Modernizing facilities
  • Developing consistent processes
  • Clarifying accountabilities, and
  • Supporting business transformation

TTIOD collaborates with the Crown Agencies, and Board Resourcing Office and the tribunal sector to recruit the most qualified and dedicated people for administrative tribunals and boards.

TTIOD is responsible for the Tribunal Performance Framework and Remuneration Plan (PDF, 395KB), which outlines how remuneration is set and managed. It establishes minimum and maximum remuneration rates, and sets criteria for how and when appointees move through the remuneration ranges.

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