British Columbia Supreme Court Civil and Family Rules Committee

The British Columbia Supreme Court Civil & Family Rules Committee (the "Rules Committee") provides advice and makes recommendations on changes to the Supreme Court Rules that are fair, sustainable and have the public's confidence.

The Rules Committee evaluates court rules changes proposed by members of the judiciary, the legal profession, government ministries and the public. It engages the legal profession, members of the public and other users of the courts. It also advises the Attorney General on issues affecting access to justice that might be addressed through the court rules.

The current members of the Rules Committee are as follows:

  • Richard Fyfe, QC (Chair)
  • Madam Justice Elaine Adair
  • Master John Bilawich
  • Master Stuart Cameron
  • Bill Dick, QC
  • Lisa Hamilton, QC
  • Mr. Justice John Harvey
  • John Hogg, QC
  • Lindsay LeBlanc
  • Maureen Lundell, QC
  • Madam Justice Francesca Marzari
  • Stephanie Melvin
  • Mr. Justice Elliott Myers
  • Registrar Scott Nielsen
  • Mr. Justice Robert Punnett
  • Master Shelagh Scarth
  • Mr. Justice Nathan Smith

For more information about the Committee, view the Committee’s terms of reference.

Current Consultation

There are no current consultations. To provide suggestions for potential amendments or changes to the rules, write to

For information on other consultations, please see Statutes, Regulations & Policy.