Notice to Mediate

Mediation is a process for resolving disputes together. The people involved in a dispute meet and talk with the help of a mediator. The mediator will help the people unpack their problem so they can try to resolve it.

The mediation takes place in a private, informal setting where the parties take part in the negotiation and design of a settlement. The mediator has no power to make decisions. The dispute is settled only if all of the parties agree to the settlement.

Mediation focuses on the interests and needs of the people involved rather than just what they say they want. Interests are the key to every dispute. A position is only what a person has concluded is the best way of meeting those interests.

Interests can be about many things, including money, control, the process or the way in which a dispute is resolved or even about needs relating to feelings or emotions about the issue.

By looking for these underlying interests, parties can create new options for settlement.