Electoral Boundaries Commission Act

This consultation closed January 15, 2014.

The B.C. government is proposing amendments to the Electoral Boundaries Commission Act that would maintain existing northern and rural electoral districts and ensure the total number of districts remains at 85.

The Electoral Boundaries Commission Act White Paper detailed the proposed amendments and was available for public comment from Nov. 14, 2013 to Jan. 15, 2014.

The proposed amendments:

  • Address the need to ensure effective representation for northern and rural British Columbians
  • Ensure the responsible use of tax dollars by holding the line on the creation of new electoral districts, and
  • Provide the Electoral Boundaries Commission clear direction before it begins its work in May 2014

For more information, see the Electoral Boundaries Commission Act White Paper, news release and this page on amendments to the act introduced in the B.C. Legislature on Feb. 12, 2014.