Guidance for oil and gas activities

Last updated: Feb 3, 2022

The B.C. Oil & Gas Commission (OGC) is responsible for overseeing oil and gas operations in British Columbia, including development and pipeline transportation over natural resource roads. Regulatory responsibility is delegated to the Commission through the Oil and Gas Activities Act. The OGC ensures that industry complies with provincial legislation.

Guidance documents

This document is intended for government staff and oil and gas proponents who wish to use roads. It outlines the administrative requirements for resource road authorizations with the B.C. government:

The Commission issues road use permits (RUPs) needed for oil and gas activities. To assist in the administration of RUPs, the following guidance is provided:

Guidance for a process to address Forest Service Roads (FSRs) that are no longer required for forest or other purposes but are still required for oil and gas industrial purposes:

The following is a process to transfer a Forest Act road permit road to an Oil and Gas Activities Act road permit:

The following information identifies the present situation and potential issues with multi-sector road user groups:

Contact lists for road administration related issues:


Presentations from the B.C. Oil & Gas Commission provide an overview of their structure, processes and associated legislation: