Forest Service Road Sign Standards

Forest Service Road (FSR) signs must be placed at the start of an FSR system where there is a potential for public or multiple industrial users.

Signs may not be erected on a FSR right-of-way without the approval of a district manager. In general, commercial signs are not approved.

Anti-Graffiti Coating

Anti-graffiti coating prolongs the life of the signs and makes it easier to remove graffiti. However, coating substantially increases the cost of signage.

It is recommended that FSR name and road entry signs be ordered with anti-graffiti coating. Coating is optional on other signage, but when close to population centres or areas where there is a likelihood of graffiti problems, it prolongs sign life.

Standard Sign Order Forms

To acquire a sign for use on resource roads, download and complete a standard order form from below. Forms are named according to catalogue number.

The order forms provide specific guidance to sign fabricators. Each form contains an embedded Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file containing the information a sign fabricator requires to produce the sign, including font, colour and spacing.

In the form, use the tabs to enter required information and select appropriate options. A completed form should be provided electronically to the sign fabricator for each particular sign type in the order.

Mobile radio communications signage order forms

FSR Road Name Sign Aluminum

Standard sign type: FSR Road Name Sign, Aluminum

Order form: Fi-008-1 (DOCX)

FSR Road Name Sign Plywood

Standard sign type: FSR Road Name Sign, Plywood

Order form: Fi-008-2 (DOCX)

FSR User Warning Signs

Standard sign type: FSR User Warning

Type 1: for FSRs not maintained for vehicular use

Type 2: for FSRs maintained for vehicular use 

Order form: Fi-055 (DOCX)
Max speed sign

Standard sign type: Maximum Speed sign to be placed, if deemed required, for posting at the commencement of road.

Order form: Fi-040

Bridge Load Limit sign

Standard sign type: Bridge Load Limit signage for posting of individual bridges. Load limits as specified by a Professional Engineer.

Order form: Fi-LL01A (DOCX)

Road Load sign

Standard sign type: Road Load Limit signage for posting at commencement of road. Road Load Limits based on minimum design vehicle configuration for the road. Consult with ministry professional engineer prior to implementation.

Order form: Fi-LL01B (DOCX)

9 Axle Load Limit signs (3)

Standard sign type: 9-Axle Log Haul Vehicle Signage. Only to be used on FSRs which have been authorized through Road Use Permit for 9-axle log haul vehicles. Select sign as appropriate to authorization.

Order form: Fi-036-1 2 & 3 (DOCX)

Mobile Radio Communications Signage Order Forms

When planning for the installation of new signage that provides direction in the field for radio call procedures, careful consideration must be given to potential impacts to communications on the road network.

To avoid conflict or confusion, changes to radio call procedures must be communicated in advance to known affected road users including road use permit holders, road permit holders and others that may be impacted by changes to radio call procedures.