FAQs for Zincton All-Seasons Resort EOI

1. What is the resort development planning and approval process under the All-Seasons Resort Policy (ASRP)?

  • The Expression of Interest (EOI) is the initial stage of a multi-stage process that is preliminary in nature and intended to identify values, land use conflicts and interests that will inform the requirements for proceeding to the next stage in that process. Under the ASRP there is a requirement for public consultation at each stage in the review process (EOI, Formal Proposal, Draft Master Plan and Final Master Plan).
  • The EOI is currently going through the initial 30-day comment period with the Agencies, Public, Stakeholders and Indigenous communities.
  • Feasibility of the project will be determined following the 30-day comment period, the receipt of all comments and identification of any land-use conflicts, including those provided by the public in response to advertising this EOI.
  • If the EOI is found to be feasible, the proponent will be invited to submit a Formal Proposal and if accepted the Ministry would initiate a more intensive and detailed review and planning process consistent with the All-Seasons Resort Policy (ASRP) and the All-Seasons Resort Guidelines (ASRG).
  • For more details on the planning process and information requirements for All-Season resort development please go to: /gov/content/industry/natural-resource-use/resort-development/applying-to-develop-a-resort
  • For a visual presentation of the entire process from an EOI to the final project approval please refer to the All-Seasons Resort Application Process Flowchart.

2. What guides the proposal and planning processes to develop an All-Seasons Resort on Crown land?

  • The disposition of Crown land for the use, operation and development of an All-Season Resort is guided by the All-Season Resort Policy (ASRP) and the All-Season Resort Guidelines (ASRG). The Guidelines are used in conjunction with the ASRP in order to foster well-balanced, environmentally sensitive mountain resorts.
  • The ASRP provides for a comprehensive, multi-stage resort planning and development review process whereby each stage informs requirements before proceeding to a subsequent stage. This is the process that applies to all resort proposals which meet the criteria as defined in ASRP.
  • To learn more please go to: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/industry/natural-resource-use/resort-development