Estimate, Schedule & Expenses

Last updated: May 20, 2020

To become an eligible recipient for a financial contribution from the Province, a contract and work agreement specifying a schedule and initial estimate of costs for the proposed project will have been, or will be entered into, by the dormant site permit holder and the contractor/service provider applicant to the Program.

Eligible Costs

  • Materials and supplies
  • Wages and salaries
  • Equipment rentals
  • Laboratory analyses
  • Transportation of equipment and workers to and from sites
  • Camp and lodging costs for remote sites

Ineligible Costs

  • Capital
  • Administration fees
  • Costs of work to prepare for contract bids, application costs under the Program and project contracts
    • Similar costs not directly incurred in relation to eligible closure activities
  • Food, beverages and other non-work-related expenses
  • Costs relating to emergency spill

Reporting Requirements

The agreement for approved projects will include reporting requirements. 

For example, contractors must provide the number of hours worked and the number of British Columbians employed for each contract period when submitting interim and final invoice requirements for a project approved under the Program.