Geoscience Report 2005

Last updated on July 13, 2016
Title Author Size
Stratigraphy and Reservoir Assessment of Pre-Givetian Strata in Northeastern British Columbia Ibrahimbas, A. and Walsh, W. 13.1MB
Potential Coalbed Gas Resource in the Hudson's Hope Area of Northeast British Columbia Ryan, B., Karst, R., Owsiacki, G., and Payie, G 11.3MB
Liard Basin - Middle Devonian Exploration Walsh, W., Salad Hersi, O.V. and Hayes, M. .19MB
Liard Basin Map Walsh, W., Salad Hersi, O.V. and Hayes, M. 2.5MB
Surficial Geology and Aggregate Studies in the Boreal Plains of Northeast British Columbia Levson, V.M., Ferbey, T., Hickin, A.S., Bednarski, J., Smith, R., Demchuk, T.E., Trommelen, M.S., Kerr, B.J. and Church, A. 8.0MB
Surficial Geology and Aggregate Potential Mapping in Northeast British Columbia Using LiDAR Imagery Demchuk, T.E., Ferbey, T., Kerr, B.J. and Levson, V.M. 19.0MB
Northeast British Columbia Aggregate Mapping Program: A Summary of Selected Aggregate Occurrences Northeast of Fort Nelson Ferbey, T., Hickin, A.S., Demchuk, T.E. and Levson, V.M. 4.0MB
Bedrock Topography Mapping and Shallow Gas in Northeast BC Hickin, A.S. and Kerr, B.J. 11.0MB
Implementing Geomatics Technology for Aggregate Exploration, Northeast British Columbia Kerr, B.J., Ferbey, T. and Levson, V.M. 1.2MB
Surficial Mapping and Granular Aggregate Resource Assessment in Northwest Alberta Smith, R., Paulen, R., Plouffe, A., Kowalchuk, C. and Peterson, R. 22.0MB
Quaternary Geology of Fort Nelson (NTS 094J/SE) and Fontas River (NTS 094I/SW), Northeastern British Columbia Trommelen, M.S., Levson, V.M., Hickin, A.S. and Ferbey, T. 28.0MB
Skeena and Bowser Lake Groups, West Half Hazelton Map Area (93M) Ferri, F., Mustard, P.S., McMechan, M., Ritcey, D., Smith, G.T., Evenchick, C. and Boddy, M. 10.8MB
Geochemistry of Early to Middle Jurassic Organic-Rich Shales, Intermontane Basins, British Columbia Ferri, F. and Boddy, M. 1.9MB
The Southern Contact of the Bowser Lake and Skeena Groups: Unconformity or Transition? Smith, G.T. and Mustard, P.S. 5.4MB
Cumulative Coal Thickness and Coalbed Gas Potential in the Comox Coal Basin; Vancouver Island Ryan, B., Bickford, C.G.C. and Niemann, M. 2.3MB