Energy Open File 2009-1

Fontas Road Aggregate Prospect: Kilometre 48, Northeastern British Columbia NTS 94H
by A.S. Hickin and T. Ferbey
EOF 2009-1  (PDF, 18.6 MB)
This report details the results of a site investigation of a glaciofluvial feature identified as having aggregate potential.The feature is located 1 km west of kilometre 48 on the Fontas PDR (Figure 1). The nearest established gravel source in the area is located 21 km to the southeast along the Ladyfern access road. Currently, large scale aggregate demands are being met by transporting material by road from as far as Taylor, British Columbia, a 300 km round trip. It is this excessive transport distance that prompted the RDGB to investigate aggregate potential in this area.
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