Energy Open File 2005-2

Sand and Gravel Mapping in Northeast British Columbia Using Airborne Electromagnetic Surveying Methods

By: Melvyn Best, Victor Levson, Doug McConnell

EOF 2005-2 (PDF, 17 MB)

The Ministry of Energy and Mines, as part of the provincial Oil and Gas Development Strategy, recently initiated a regional geological assessment of aggregate resources in northeast British Columbia. The area identified for this project (Figure 1) was selected because subsurface data, collected during seismic shot hole drilling in the region, indicated that gravels were present under one to two metres of overburden. Aggregate deposits are extremely rare in this area, with the closest known deposits occurring many tens of kilometres distant. The study area occurs along the Kotcho winter road, about 40 km east of the Sierra-Yoyo-Desan (SYD) Road.

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