Mineral and Placer Title Complaints

Under section 40 of the Mineral Tenure Act an interested person, or an employee of the ministry may register a complaint to the chief gold commissioner.

Complaint process

Complaints may be lodged for false work submissions, or if a title is being used for purposes other than a mining activity.

Section 40(1)(b) provides for complaints referring to a submission and registration of a false statement or report.  This complaint must be received by mineral titles branch within one year of the statement registration date in Mineral Titles Online.

Section 40(1)(c) provides for complaints of claims being acquired or held for non-mining purposes.  A mining activity, as defined by the Mineral Tenure Act definitions, means any activity related to the search for a mineral or placer mineral, the exploration and development of a mineral or placer mineral or the production of a mineral or placer mineral, including reclamation of a previously mined area.

Complaint requirements

  1. Completed Complaint Form 
  2. Full and specific details of the nature of the complaint
  3. Submission of non-refundable complaint fees:
    • $200.00 per claim
    • $200.00 per statement (event number)

Complaint submission

You can submit your complaint form and cheque (payable to the Minister of Finance), cash or money order for the complaint fee(s) in person or by mail to the Vancouver Mineral Titles office.