Mineral Titles Notices: Crown Granted 2 Post Mineral Claims

A Crown granted 2 post mineral claim (CG) refers to a mineral claim issued under one of the predecessor Mineral Acts or Taxation Acts; where the mineral claim was located, surveyed, and then converted to a CG.  CGs were issued from 1874 to 1960.  A CG may hold sub-surface rights to the land within the surveyed lot, and therefore may have an impact on the mineral rights acquired in any overlying mineral or placer cell claim.

When a CG escheats, forfeits, reverts or is surrendered, the rights revert back to the Crown.  Section 26 of the Mineral Tenure Act requires the publication of a notice in the BC Gazette prior to the mineral rights being made available for acquisition.

For your use and reference, we have compiled a list of CG lots that have reverted back to the Crown and have had a notice published in the BC Gazette between August, 15, 1988 to present day.  The list is sorted by land district.

Gazette Notices