About Us

The Mine Audits Unit is led by the Chief Auditor, whose authorities and duties are set out in the Mines Act. The Chief Auditor has a mandate to evaluate the effectiveness of the regulatory program for mining in British Columbia.

Every year, the Chief Auditor publishes an Audit Plan outlining the audits our team will prioritize in that year. Currently, each audit focuses on an area of mining regulated by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation (the Ministry).

We generally consider the following aspects of the regulatory program in our audits:

  • Current regulatory requirements
  • Ministry policies, programs, practices, and actions
  • Mining sector compliance, safety, and environmental performance

At the end of each audit, the Chief Auditor provides a report to the Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation that includes the audit conclusions, reasons, and any recommendations for the Ministry to improve the provincial mining regulatory program. This report is also released publicly.

The recommendations of the Chief Auditor are non-binding. The Ministry decides whether to accept a recommendation and how to respond. We publish the Ministry’s response alongside the Chief Auditor’s final audit report.

For more information about our completed and ongoing audits, please visit our Audits page.