Code Review

The Health, Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines in British Columbia (the Code) provides the detailed regulations and standards for mining in B.C. With the exception of the changes made to regulate tailings storage facilities and select health and safety sections completed in the previous Code Review in 2015-2017, the Code has not been updated in most sections.

After the last Code Review, which was completed in 2017, mine management, labour unions, and Indigenous communities unanimously recommended to continue the review of the Code in order to address the changing needs of the industry, the environment, Indigenous communities and all British Columbians.

Following  a recommendation from the Mining Jobs Task Force earlier this year, the government has created a Standing Code Review Committee to ensure that mining continues to be one of the safest heavy industries in B.C. and that provincial regulations remain current and respond to rapid pace of change in the industry.

The Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources recently appointed twelve mining professionals to the Standing Code Review Committee pursuant to section 34 of the Mines Act. The Executive Director, Code Review chairs the committee which includes an equal number of representatives nominated by Indigenous communities, mine labour unions and industry. Each member is appointed to the committee for a three-year term.

News Release for Code Review Committee - June 25, 2019 (PDF, 740KB)

Contact the Code Review Committee

You can contact the Code Review Committee or a member of the Code Review Branch at