MapPlace 2 FAQs

Frequently asked questions


Which browsers can I use?

We recommend Firefox, Google Chrome, or a current version of Edge for MapPlace 2. Other web browsers should work as well, except Microsoft Internet Explorer. MapPlace 2 may not display properly and certain functions may not work if Microsoft Internet Explorer is used.

No, MapPlace 2 will work in almost any web browser and with most operating systems.

MapPlace and MapPlace 2 can be used at the same time.  MapPlace 2 runs independently from the original MapPlace and doesn't require any changes to your current system.

The has been used as a short cut to get to our site however not all parts of MapPlace or MapPlace 2 work well with this redirect.  We recommend that heavy users bookmark to our official site as follows:

When you click Generate to create a Quick Plot the new tab that opens in your browser displaying the plot is already in PDF format.  To save it you just need to click the download link in your browser, this function is dependant on the browser you are using.  For example, if you are using Chrome and you hover your mouse inside the top of the window a bar will appear at the top giving you several options.

Click the Quick Plot button in the middle ribbon of the toolbar and a set of options will display in the Tasks Pane on the left side of the interface. By clicking the box for Advanced options near the bottom you can choose a set scale from the dropdown menu.  The blue box in the Map Window indicates the printed area.  You can use your mouse to move this box within the Map Window or change the orientation using the dot above the box. 

You can find instructions on how to create maps equivalent to ARIS MapBuilder maps here.  When followed, maps generated following these instructions meet the requirements for Assessment Reports. ARIS MapBuilder on MapPlace 1 will be retired in the near future.  

You cannot make a layer transparent, but there are many transparent versions of layers available, they are indicated in the layer name in brackets.  


When I use Print or Quick Plot none of the base map data or imagery displays in my map.

Because of licensing restrictions, External Provider base maps or imagery cannot be displayed in maps created by Quick Plot or Print.  To ensure base map data are displayed on the map, turn on the Base Maps folder in the Legend pane and then turn on the desired layers within that folder.


How do I select features within a polygon.

Select the polygon(s) you want to select within and then right-click any where inside the Map Window.  From the menu choose Select More and then Select Within.  Options will display in the Tasks Pane on the left hand side of the window.  Choose the layer(s) you are interested in selecting and then click Done.  More details and an example can be found on page 25 of the User Guide.

Make sure you have clicked the box for the main folder that the layer is in.  If this is not checked all the layers in the group won't display. 

MapPlace 2 uses the Web Mercator projection.

You can change the units displayed in the information bar by right-clicking in the map window and choosing Options --> Imperial, Degrees or Metric.  The Imperial units are in miles and the Metric units are in metres.  Both these show arbitrary positions.  Degrees will display decimal degrees and is the most useful.  

Contact us with further questions.