Genetic worth for timber supply analysis

Genetic worth has been incorporated into the Table InterPolation for Stand Yields (TIPSY), a growth and yield application that provides access to managed stand yield tables from British Columbia.

A procedure that incorporates the genetic worth of seedlots or vegetative lots into TIPSY assists foresters with predicting the yields of operational plantations established with genetically improved stock. It has been developed and adopted for timber supply analysis in the province, using quantitative genetic approaches.

Usage and examples

Licensees in B.C. now have the ability to insert genetic worth values from improved seedlots to evaluate the growth and yield implications for timber supply planning purposes using this feature in TIPSY.

The screen below shows the differences in merchantable volume predicted with the use of seed of interior spruce, using a genetic worth of 18 and a site index of 20, in the Prince George area.

Genetic worth in TIPSY