Silviculture Surveys

Silviculture surveys are used to measure reforestation success and help to predict future inventory conditions of B.C.'s forests.

Silviculture survey procedures and field cards

For information on silviculture survey data collection and compilation, please refer to the Silviculture Survey Procedures Manual and FS660 below.  These documents cover regeneration delay, stocking, and free growing surveys, as well as alternative methodologies for complex stand structures.  These procedures provide the necessary guidance to meet legislated reporting requirements.

Silviculture Survey ​Field Cards:

Order paper cards from (government clients) or 1 800 282 7955 (non government clients).

Accreditation program and exams

Silviculture surveyors often have a complex role in the collection, compilation and analysis of silviculture surveys data. Surveyors make recommendations that aid in forest management decisions, including those that prove legislated reforestation obligations have been achieved. The Silviculture Surveyors Accreditation program is designed to ensure surveyors are capable and well trained and understand their performance expectations to ensure good quality silviculture surveys.

Surveyors can design their training to suit their specific needs.

Silviculture survey training modules

BC Silviculture Surveys YouTube channel:  

Alternative Survey Methodologies & Retention Reporting: