Forest Stewardship Plan Tracking System User Guides and Training Materials

User Guides

‚ÄčTraining Materials

This Forest Stewardship Plan Tracking System Primer provides trainees with a common level of understanding on the system prior to training on the application. 
The Administrative Guide to FSPs provides information and guidance on forest stewardship plans (FSPs) and their business process in the context of the Forest and Range Practices Act.
The FSPTS Submission Checklist provides guidance on the completeness of  FSP submissions, and how to amend them.
The FSP Business Process Workflows provides illustrations demonstrating how the FSP Tracking System is used to prepare and submit an FSP, as well as information on how to review, approve and amend one.

The short overview guides below serve as refreshers for those who use the FSP tracking system less frequently.

  • Module 1 -  Module 1 – FSP Submitters (1hr30min)
  • Module 2 -  Module 2 – FSP Approvers (1hr10min)

The below activities have been provided to assist you in building hands-on skills for using the FSP tracking system by completing several application-supported business processes in a test environment.

The files listed below contain the necessary instructions, logon information and data to undertake specific activities, though some activities must be completed before undertaking others (e.g., you must submit an FSP before you can review and adjudicate an FSP). The activities can be completed at your own location and convenience.

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