Ground Sample Data

The Ground Sampling phase (Phase 2) determines how much of a given characteristic is within the inventory area. Ground samples alone cannot provide the specific locations of the inventoried land cover characteristics.

Net Volume Adjustment Factor (NVAF) sampling helps account for errors in the estimates of net tree volume. NVAF is:

  • Calculated from the ratio of actual to estimates of sample tree volumes
  • Applied as a correction to VRI ground sample volumes.

This data, used in conjunction with the original ground sampling data, provides an unbiased estimate of the net volume in the project area.

Overall, ground measurements provide a level of certainty about means and totals for key attributes for the population.

This section provides provincial and management unit spatial locations and attributes to VRI ground samples that may include:

  • CMI
  • NVAF
  • Ecology and timber emphasis samples

VRI Ground Sample Products

VRI Growth and Yield Samples