Management of root diseases

Root disease management, as prevention, is especially important. Site rehabilitation after harvesting may, in some cases, be impractical. But it's important to avoid practices that increase the fungal pathogen in live tree root systems and in stumps. Probably the most common cause of root disease increases in sites is regenerating infected areas with disease-susceptible forest tree species.

Managing Root Disease in B.C. Guidebook

Read the Managing Root Disease in British Columbia Guidebook (PDF, 13,9MB). It will tell you about: 

  • Stand risk assessments
  • Evaluating root disease hazard using assessments and surveys
  • Treatment options including:
    • Regenerating with less susceptible species
    • Stump removal
    • Pushover harvesting
    • Facilitating hardwood regeneration‚Äč


Strategies for controlling future root disease begin in planning and pre-harvest. The treatment options for forest management can start once a stand is harvested.

Read the Managing Root Disease in British Columbia Guidebook (PDF, 13,9MB). It will provide information on root disease management strategies.