Identifying the Public Interest in Proposed Timber Tenure Dispositions

The Forest Act requires the Minister, or their delegated decision maker, to consider whether or not to approve the disposition (transfer) of a forest tenure or to approve the disposition with conditions. They must consider the effects of the disposition on the marketing of fibre in British Columbia and the public interest.  Tenure dispositions are reviewed with the objective of encouraging diversity and competitiveness in the forest industry and to meet important public interest considerations.

With regard to the public interest, the Minister wants to hear from the public if they consider the disposition is in the public interest and if any conditions to meet the public’s interest should be placed on the approval of the tenure disposition. The public interest may include personal, community, environmental and economic values, and business relationships that are proposed or entered into by the intended holder of the tenure and other parties.

To ensure that government has considered the full breadth of public interest associated with the proposed transfer of a particular timber tenure agreement, click the link below for the opportunity to submit your comments.

Currently Proposed Tenure Transfers

Government is currently seeking input from interest citizens of British Columbia regarding the public interest in the following proposed forest agreement timber tenure transfers. Please click on the link below to submit your comments. Your comments are intended to be received anonymously and should not include any self-identifying text, images or documents.

Proposed Timber Tenure Transfers

Description of the proposed Timber Tenure Transfer

Size of the agreements involved  Location of agreements
Canadian Forest Products Ltd. proposes to transfer to Interfor Corporation Tree Farm Licence 18 and Forest Licence A18688, which include 21 associated road permits Tree Farm Licence 18: 164,500 cubic meters per year.
A18688: 184,481 cubic meters per year.
Thompson-Okanagan Natural Resource Region
Conifex Inc. proposes to transfer to Fort St. James Forest Products General Partner Ltd. (Hampton Lumber Mills – Canada Ltd.) Forest Licence A77955 and 22 associated road permits A77955: 440,000 cubic meters per year. Omineca Natural Resource Region



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  8. Must be specific to the proposed transfer of the forest tenure agreements identified.