BC Timber Sales - certification - previous versions

BCTS EMS and SFM documents are updated periodically as part of our program commitment for continual improvement. Continual improvement ensures that BCTS EMS and SFM documents remain relevant, current and effectively support our commitment to sound environmental management and sustainable forest management certification. 

Previous versions of BCTS EMS and SFM documents that have been updated after April 1, 2019 are located below. In providing easier access to these documents we intend to support clients who require older versions of EMS and SFM documents that pertain to previously-issued licences, permits and/or contracts. 

If you need help locating previous versions of specific documents or if documents are missing, please contact the BCTS Headquarters Certification Officer. 


  • BCTS: BC Timber Sales
  • EMS: Environmental Management System
  • SFM: Safety Management System
  • EFP: Environmental Field Procedure