Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What I am required to do if I am a Primary Contractor or a Subcontractor?

For all in-scope projects, the Prime Contractor will be required to (1) complete and submit Form A to confirm intent to use Registered Apprentices on the Project; and (2) ensure that they, and each applicable subcontractor meets the following additional specific responsibilities (see section 2.0 of the Policy and Procedure Guidelines for further details):

Project-Related Contract Value Primary Scope of Work Use Apprentices on Project: Report use of Apprentices on Project (Form B) Report use of Trainees on Project (Form B)
$500,000 or more Specified Trade Mandatory Mandatory Voluntary
$500,000 or more Not Specified Trade n/a n/a Voluntary
Under $500,000 Specified Trade Encouraged Mandatory Voluntary
Under $500,000 Not Specified Trade n/a n/a Voluntary


  1. I am a Primary Contractor, how will I know if the Project I am bidding on is subject to the Policy?

    Bidding documents will clearly note the requirement when the project goes to tender. These requirements will also form part of the contract terms once a successful bidder has been determined. In addition to the requirements, the Province encourages other employers to consider following the same best practices and supporting apprentices on their projects.
  2. I’m an employer. How do I find an apprentice?

    In some cases, your company may have an existing employee working in a designated trade that can simply be registered as an apprentice. Learn more at

    For employers seeking to find and hire an apprentice you can post jobs for specific trades programs and levels of certification on the Apprenticeship Job Match service. Apprentice Job Match is a new way to connect apprentices and employers online.
  3. I’m an employer and have an employee that I want to sponsor as an Apprentice. How do I register with the Industry Training Authority (ITA)?

    Registering an apprentice with the ITA is easy and there are no fees associated with doing so. If you need help completing the registration process, contact your local ITA Apprenticeship Advisor or an ITA Customer Service Representative.