About This Guide

This guide is published by the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture in partnership with the B.C. Hazelnut Growers Association. It is intended to be a first level introduction and evaluation tool to assist a new grower in making the decision of whether to enter the hazelnut sector.

This publication provides an overview of the sector, discusses points that should be considered before starting a hazelnut orchard, and offers sources of information from other hazelnut production areas in North America.

The guide is relevant to B.C. growing areas. Information has been compiled from B.C. hazelnut growers’ experience, the Oregon State University Extension Service and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture.

Information for this guide was compiled by Tom Baumann and Megan Fennerty and revised by B.C. Ministry staff in collaboration with Dr. Thom O’Dell of Nature Tech Nursery Ltd., and the B.C. Hazelnut Growers Association.

While care has been taken in the preparation of this guide, the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and the B.C. Hazelnut Association accept no responsibility for decisions or actions taken as a result of any data, information, statement of advice, expressed or implied, contained in this guide.

Growers are encouraged to use their own judgement and to consider their own circumstances when making decisions.

Note: This information is a general guide only and it is not intended to be a stand-alone tool in making key management decisions.

Contacts: this guide does not provide a full listing of service contacts for the industry.  The BC Hazelnut Grower Association may be able to assist you to find the information or services required. Please visit: https://www.bchga.ca/.

Website references:  References provided within the body of the guide and summarized in the appendix provide sources deemed useful by industry associations, government agencies or universities. Not all information provided may be applicable to the specific growing conditions of your farm.