Horticulture Growers' Short Course 2018

Last updated on November 19, 2018

Breanna Leininger: Exporting to the United States: How the Latest NAFTA Negotiations Affect You                  

Recorded: January 26, 2018

Presenter: Breanna Leininger, Operations Manager at Pacific Customs Brokers Incorporated

Biography: Breanna Leininger is a business development specialist at pacific customs brokers (USA). She has extensive experience working with U.S. Customs and border protection, Canada Border Services Agency, logistics partners and importers implementing regulation and technology changes within the trade community.

Description: In this session, Breanna discusses clearance challenges like anti dumping/countervailing and Partner Government Agency requirements. She will present tools to develop proactive contingencies to mitigate the impact of such
events and have a competitive edge over producers/suppliers in other jurisdictions.


Roberta Cook: Competitors and Development of Mexico as a Dominant Player

Recorded: January 26, 2018

Presenter: Roberta Cook, Member of the Board of Directors of Ocean Mist Farms and Village Farms

Biography: Roberta served for 11 years on the Board of Naturipe Farms and numerous Produce for Better Health committees, the Produce Marketing Association Foundation for Industry Talent, Sunkist Growers, the California Kiwifruit Commission, and the American Agricultural Economics Association Foundation.

Description: Roberta's presentation focuses on competition for American fresh fruit and vegetable consumer dollars. Topics include how to access market intelligence, changing consumer preferences, exploding consumer choice and competition for the consumer produce dollar. Growers can use this knowledge to prosper in this increasingly competitive marketplace.


Gary Morton: Keynote Address: Success Strategies That Belong on Your Radar Screen

Recorded: January 26, 2018

Presenter: Gary Morton, Co-Owner and Consultant to the Agri-Food Industry, SKUfood Incorporated

Biography: Gary Morton is a professional agrologist who provides specialized consulting, advisory and coaching services to clients in the agriculture and the agri-food industry.  He works with his clients to define and redefine their path to success by helping them find new value and profit from what they do.  He is also the co-author of the best-selling Farm Management Canada books, “Building Added Value through Farm Diversification” and “Business Planning, Understanding, Preparing and Using."

Description: In this session Gary demonstrates how to develop strategies for your
farm business that produce winning customer relationships and improve your bottom line. This presentation challenges your beliefs about customers and shows proven approaches that you need for success, both today and tomorrow.


Randy Brown: What it Takes to Enter the Alcohol Market

Recorded: January 26, 2018

Presenter: Randy Brown, Manager, Liquor Manufacturing, Compliance & Enforcement, Ministry of Attorney General

Biography: In 1978, Randy entered the RCMP for an exciting and diverse 31 year career in policing. After retiring from police work, Randy undertook a new role as the Provincial Inspector for Liquor Manufacturing, providing over sight for 600 Liquor Manufacturers in British Columbia with a mandate to collaborate with industry associations and other regulatory authorities all with a goal to assist the industry grow and succeed in the Province of British Columbia.

Description: Although two thirds of British Columbian alcohol is produced on agriculture land, farmers find the alcohol licensing system to be an intimidating barrier to entry. Randy will provide a map to navigate all levels of the licensing process.


Will Bilozir: Developing Products and a Customer Base                                               

Recorded: January 26,  2018

Presenter: Will Bilozir, Producer and Direct Marketer, DeWinton

Biography: Will Bilozir is a former lecturer at the Mount Royal University Bissett School of Business, the inventor of True Blue Potatoes and a rancher who raises and direct markets organic beef.

Description: Will offers a presentation on how he applied business principles to his own agribusiness.


Will Bilozir

Peter Chapman: Selling Food in the Future, Helping You Get Your Products in the Shopping Cart                                  

Recorded: January 26, 2018

Presenter: Peter Chapman, Retail Marketer, Author, Speaker & Consultant to the Agri-Food Industry

Biography: Peter Chapman is the Founder of GPS Business Solutions.  Prior to opening his own consulting practice, Peter worked with Canada's largest food retailer, Loblaws, for 19 years. In 2014, Peter published "A la Cart: A Supplier’s Guide to Retailers’ Priorities." The book is written for suppliers in the food industry to help them understand the retailers better and ultimately get more of their products into shopping carts.  Peter is a partner in SKUfood.com, an inline resource for food producers and processors.  He has provided retail insights to The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star, Maclean’s magazine and he has appeared on Canada AM.

Description: Peter's valuable insights will teach you how to navigate the marketplace more effectively and get your items into consumers’ shopping carts. Peter’s extensive experience includes product development, building relationships throughout the supply chain and retail merchandising. He understands the food industry, he has a passion for seeing others succeed in this business, and shares his in-depth knowledge of the retail landscape and consumers with food producers and processors who want to grow sales.