Animal Welfare

In addition to the provincial Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act having among the toughest penalties in Canada, and providing funding to animal welfare efforts and organizations around the province, the B.C. government also supports animal welfare with contributions through  government programs.

Animal welfare programs focus on:

  • education to increase knowledge of the animal welfare challenges facing the industry
  • awareness building on the correct livestock production practices for supportive animal welfare
  • training on mitigation steps available to support correct practices applied in animal welfare
  • scientific investigations to address any gaps identified to meet these ends

BC Farm Animal Care Council

The B.C. government has partnered with the BC Farm Animal Care Council (BCFACC) to lead farm animal welfare projects.  The BCFACC is leading projects to increase awareness of National Codes of Practice for small-scale livestock and poultry producers and address training for humane euthanasia of poultry.

The BCFACC includes representatives from the major livestock and poultry production commodity groups and works with the SPCA and other groups active in animal welfare. The group’s members work together to identify issues and proactively develop solutions to farm animal welfare issues in B.C.

Dog and Cat Breeding Consultations

Summary of stakeholder consultations regarding input to potential legislation that will assist the BC SPCA to monitor and take action against irresponsible breeders of dogs and cats.