Animal welfare

In addition to the provincial Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA Act) having among the toughest penalties in Canada, the B.C. government also supports animal welfare with contributions through government activities and programs.

B.C. Government supports animal welfare by:

  • Facilitating education sessions to increase knowledge of the animal welfare challenges facing the agriculture industry
  • Building awareness of production practices that support animal welfare
  • Supporting scientific investigations to identify and address potential gaps
  • Monitoring issues and developing appropriate solutions to ensure an effective government framework for animal welfare
  • Inspecting dairy farms to ensure regulatory compliance regarding the provision of suitable animal housing, cleanliness, and clean water
  • Providing animal necropsy services and livestock training support to the BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA) to enhance their enforcement actions
  • Participating in the Animal Welfare program of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) which provides funding for animal welfare projects.

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Sled dog protection in British Columbia

Dog and cat breeding consultations

Summary of stakeholder consultations regarding input to potential legislation that will assist the BC SPCA to monitor and take action against irresponsible breeders of dogs and cats.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food’s Advisory Committee on farmed animal welfare

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food has formed an Advisory Committee (the Committee) to assess the farmed animal welfare framework in B.C. During its term the Committee is tasked with making the framework more explicit and transparent, and ensuring the current framework promotes high standards of farmed animal welfare and supports those involved in delivering these standards on an ongoing basis.

The Committee is composed of experts in components of the framework and different areas of animal welfare. The Committee members are as follows:

Cpl. Cory Lepine: Enforcement Representation

Calvin Breukelman: Poultry/Broiler Hatching Egg Industry Representation

David Janssens: Large Scale Milk Industry Representation

Jack DeWit: Hog Industry Representation

Jacqueline Wepruk: National Farm Animal Welfare Organization Representation

Jeffrey Spitters: Organic/Chicken Industry Representation

Jennifer Woike: Poultry/Egg Industry, BC Agriculture Council Representation

Kevin Boon: Cattle Industry Representation

Dr. Lisa McCrea: Farm Animal Veterinarian Representation

Dr. Marina von Keyserlingk: Animal Welfare Academic Representation

Mark Siemens: Egg Industry Representation

Dr. Megan Bergman: Veterinarian/College of Veterinarians of B.C. Representation

Nicole Sillett: Dairy Industry Representation

Nova Woodbury:  Meat Processing Representation

Dr. Peter McKenzie: Farmed Fish Industry/Aquaculture Veterinarian Representation

Marcie Moriarty: Enforcement Representation

Richard Harry: Aquaculture Industry and Indigenous Representation