Riparian Area Resources

A riparian zone, or riparian area, is the interface between land and a river or stream. Although riparian areas make up only a small fraction of the land, they are among the most productive and valuable of all landscape types.

Information relating to riparian areas is available from many other agencies and organizations.

British Columbia

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Projects Near Water
The federal Fisheries Act requires that projects avoid causing serious harm to fish unless authorized by the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. This applies to work being conducted in or near waterbodies that support fish that are part of or that support a commercial, recreational or Aboriginal fishery. To protect fish and fish habitat, efforts should be made to avoid, mitigate and/or offset harm.

BC Cattlemen's Association
The association offers cattle producers of B.C. the Farmland - Riparian Interface Stewardship Program (FRISP). The program is designed to help provincial agriculture producers to protect and enhance water quality, to protect and enhance riparian vegetation, and prevent and mitigate agricultural impacts on streams and lakes.

Pacific Streamkeepers Federation
The Pacific Streamkeepers Federation was initiated in May 1995, at a Community Involvement Workshop held in Williams Lake British Columbia, Canada, attended by more than 300 stream restoration volunteers from British Columbia and the Yukon.

The Stewardship Centre for British Columbia
Stewardship is broadly defined as an ethic that recognizes the need to conserve and restore ecosystems for current and future generations of all species. This website introduces the BC Stewardship Series of publications.


Cows and Fish  -The Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society
The society strives to foster a better understanding of how improvements in grazing and other management of riparian areas can enhance landscape health and productivity, for the benefit of landowners, agricultural producers, communities and others who use and value riparian areas.

Ducks Unlimited Canada  -  Wetland and Wildlife Conservation in British Columbia
Wetland conservation is essential in maintaining BC’s rich natural heritage. In some parts of the province, over 85% of wetland habitats have been altered or destroyed.



USDA Forest Service

USDA National Resources Conservation Service

King Conservation District


Scottish Government


Sustainable Agriculture Initiative