Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries response to flooding

Supports and resources are available to help B.C.'s agriculture producers recover from floods and mudslides.

Last updated: November 30, 2021

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Contacts for producers

Industry associations

Livestock producers directly impacted by flooding should contact their local industry association for support with livestock-related response needs.

Producers in Abbotsford

Agriculture producers in Abbotsford that do not belong to dairy, poultry or hog commodity associations should call the Abbotsford agricultural emergency response line at 1-604-262-7640.

Removal of deceased animals

For help with the safe transport and disposal of deceased animals, call the Ministry Livestock Carcass Disposal Hotline at 1-604-302-4830.

For general agricultural inquiries, call the AgriService BC emergency response line at 1-888-221-7141

Contact your local Emergency Operations Centre for emergency support for personal safety outside of agricultural needs.

 Fraser Valley


Travel and transportation 

Fuel limits

Temporary restrictions on vehicle fuel purchases and travel in areas impacted by flooding are in place to ensure the movement of essential goods and services. 

Essential vehicles supporting flood response are exempt from the fuel limit, including:

  • Agricultural and farm-use vehicles
  • Veterinarians 

If you are not able to access fuel at a commercial trucking gas station (cardlock gas station), you must request certification as an essential vehicle in order to purchase fuel beyond the 30-litre limit.

Essential Vehicle Certification Request

Hours of service regulations

Drivers of commercial vehicles transporting passengers, goods and supplies in support of flood response are exempt from the hours of service regulation.

Special measures at the United States-Canada border

Due to extreme weather conditions in B.C., Canadian domestic truck carriers may need to transit through the U.S. to reach destinations in Canada. Special measures are in place to support domestic truck carriers moving product from a Canadian point of origin to a Canadian destination through the U.S. 

Carriers that regularly travel between Canada and the United States should follow the standard procedures in order to reduce delays at border crossings.

Get your farm back up and running

Request a re-entry permit to access your farm

Farmers and ranchers must request a permit from their local Emergency Operations Centre to access evacuated zones to tend to their livestock and animals.

Permits are issued based on regular safety assessments, and may be delayed or withdrawn if the safety situation changes. 

Download the Task Management Package

AgSafe has developed a free Flooding Re-entry & Restarting Task Management Package to support producers in returning to their farms and building back.

The package includes the AgSafe resource request form and covers topics including:

  • Energy source management
  • Site access
  • Manure storage and handling
  • Working alone or in isolation

Complete the survey on essential and priority goods movement

The joint federal/provincial Supply Chain Recovery Working Group is supporting supply chain restoration in B.C., and are working to identify essential or high-priority goods requiring support.

Producers are invited to complete a 5-minute survey to help identify areas of critical need. 

Complete the survey

Mental wellness supports

Producers impacted by flooding can access supports by calling AgriService BC at 1-888-221-7141.

Download AgSafe BC's mental wellness app

AgSafe BC has partnered with Avail to provide access to mental wellness resources, check-ups and appointments for B.C. agriculture producers.