Use these tools to help you determine important deadlines or calculations.

These calculators may be used for tenancies that fall under the Residential Tenancy Act. If your tenancy falls under the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act or if you are unsure which law governs your tenancy, please contact the Residential Tenancy Branch.

Disputing a Notice to End Tenancy
Calculate the date a tenant must file for dispute resolution to cancel a Notice to End Tenancy

Deposit Interest Calculator
Calculate interest on security deposits

When a tenant should receive their deposit(s)
Calculate the last date that a landlord (or landlord's agent) must return the tenant's security and/or pet damage deposit(s)

When and how much the rent can be increased
Calculate when a landlord can increase a tenant's rent and the maximum allowable amount under the law

When a landlord can file for an order of possession
Calculate when a landlord can apply to the Residential Tenancy Branch for an order of possession of the rental property

When a landlord must return a deposit(s) or apply to keep it
Calculate the deadline to return a deposit(s) to a tenant or the deadline for which landlord must apply to the Residential Tenancy Branch to keep all or part of the deposit(s)

Estimating an Additional Rent Increase Amount
‚ÄčEstimate additional rent increase amounts based on the cost to install, replace or repair a major system or component in a residential building (capital expenditure)

Calculate Additional Rent Increase Details
Calculate the maximum additional rent increase that can be imposed on a rental unit after receiving your decision. Use this tool to automatically generate your RTB-53-P1D form


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