Housing and Regional Growth Strategies

Housing is a key focus for regional growth strategies (RGS). The Local Government Act requires an RGS to work towards "adequate, affordable and appropriate housing" and include housing-related actions to meet the needs of the region's residents over the longer term.

Overview of Regional Growth Strategies (RGS)

A regional growth strategy (RGS) is a local government strategic plan to promote human settlement that is socially, economically and environmentally healthy. It also makes efficient use of public facilities, land and other resources. An RGS provides general guidance on a region's growth, change and development over a minimum 20-year time frame.

A regional growth strategy works to align long-range planning direction for regional district and municipal policies, plans and projects. It is also intended to provide a framework for regional cooperation with the Province and with First Nations.


The Regional District of North Okanagan: the RGS outlines policies to diversify housing options in the district, increase density and more affordable housing options, encourage collaboration and partnerships in the creation of housing, and encourage energy-efficient design and retrofits.

Metro Vancouver Regional District: strategies in the Metro Vancouver Regional District RGS include providing diverse and affordable housing choices and developing healthy and complete communiites that have access to a range of services and amenities.

Data is collected on housing-related measures so that progress can be measured annually.

Both strategies help support housing affordability.

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