It's important your building or renovation projects meets local zoning requirements. Local governments use zoning bylaws to regulate how a property can be used.

This means:

  • How big a lot can be
  • What you can build on a property (i.e. building type and size)
  • Where you can build on a property
  • How buildings can be used
  • Any parking requirements that must be followed

For any building or renovation project, ask your local government's building department these questions:

  • What’s the current zoning on my land?
  • Is my proposed building or renovation project permitted?
  • What are the details of the current or proposed zone I want to build within?

Change zoning requirements: There are two ways to change the zoning in a specific area:

  1. Apply for a variance
  2. Apply for rezoning

Check with your local government about their requirements for each process.