Building or Renovating

Building or renovating your home is exciting but can also raise many questions. Find out more about the steps you need to take before you start the process. Learn about permits, zoning, and options and programs for improving energy efficiency in your home.  

Before You Start

There's some steps you should take before you start any building or renovation project, to avoid problems and unforeseen costs down the road.


It's important your building or renovation projects meets local zoning requirements. Local governments use zoning bylaws to regulate how a property can be used.


Permits help ensure that construction and major renovations comply with local bylaws, the building code and health and safety standards.

You need to get required permits before any stage of a project can start.

Energy Efficiency

Building or renovating is an ideal time to think about improving the energy efficiency of your home. Some companies even offer incentives for making energy-efficient improvements.