Patient Request for their PharmaNet Information - EPNMP.09

A patient may request a printed copy of their confidential and personal data (either the data stored on the local system, the data stored on PharmaNet, or both).

Although a medical practice or pharmacy can print the patient’s local record, the PharmaNet patient record can be printed only by the Ministry of Health (MOH)).

The PharmaNet patient record provided by the MOH includes: 

  • patient demographics;
  • medication profile information (includes medications dispensed over the past 14 months at community and hospital out-patient pharmacies);
  • clinical condition information;
  • adverse drug reactions; and
  • a log of all accesses to the patient’s data for any purpose.


Depending on the type of information your patient wants, you have three options:




  1. Use your local patient record

Your local application will not provide the same information available in the PharmaNet record provided by the MOH

For instance, it will not include a log of accesses to the patient’s PharmaNet data.

  1. Use the mailing request function

If your software provides the functionality, you must:

  • Validate the patient’s address and PHN through Client Registry, and update the patient’s information if necessary.

    Validation of the patient’s identification and address is necessary to protect patient privacy and ensure the information is mailed to the correct address.
  • Make the request on behalf of your patient using your local software.

    Your software application will forward the request to the MOH who will mail the information directly to the patient.
  1. Direct the patient to a community pharmacy

If your patient wants the information provided in the PharmaNet patient profile and your application does not provide the functionality to make the request, advise your patient to make the request through a community pharmacy.