Introduction to PharmaNet - EPNMP.01

PharmaNet is the province-wide network that links all B.C. pharmacies and other authorized users to a central set of data systems. Every prescription dispensed in B.C. is entered into PharmaNet. PharmaNet is administered by the Ministry of Health (MOH). It was developed in consultation with health professionals and the public to improve prescription safety and support prescription claim processing.

PharmaNet users include community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, emergency departments, medical practices, the College of Pharmacists of B.C., MOH and the College of Physicians & Surgeons of B.C. Access to PharmaNet permits authorized users at integrated points of care to send prescriptions (ePrescribe) and review patient medication profiles. These activities help improve patient safety by:

  • reducing the number of handwritten prescriptions and potential errors due to illegible handwriting;
  • providing information to monitor medication adherence and the under and over use of medications;
  • providing access to medication information regardless of where medications are dispensed; and
  • preventing prescription fraud and accidental duplication of prescriptions.

Integration with PharmaNet         

Having access to the PharmaNet system means you can securely:

  • create and send prescriptions to PharmaNet (ePrescribe);
  • access your patients’ medication profiles including medications prescribed by other care providers;
  • verify that prescriptions you have created have been dispensed;
  • produce drug monographs for patient information and counselling;
  • perform drug use evaluations to identify possible drug interactions for your patients; and
  • include your patient’s clinical conditions and adverse reactions in their PharmaNet medication profile.

Integration with Client Registry

The Client Registry allows you to generate a personal health number (PHN) for a patient who does not already have one and find and update the patient’s demographic information.

Before you can access your patient’s PharmaNet medication information you must validate their identity and synchronize their demographics with the Client Registry.