Fan-out Messages - EPNMP.08

The PharmaNet system occasionally sends urgent notices directly to users. These are referred to as “fan-out messages.” You will receive these messages through your software application. These messages will be displayed to every registered PharmaNet user at your location.

What Kind of Messages to Expect

Fan-outs may be sent to:

  • all users;
  • users only in specific geographic locations; or
  • a particular group of health care providers (e.g., physicians, pharmacists).

The majority of fan-outs are sent by the Ministry of Health to specific groups of users in a geographic area (e.g., all pharmacies within Greater Victoria). For example, they would use a fan-out to notify pharmacies in a specific area about stolen prescription pads (regular or duplicates). They are no longer sent for forged prescriptions.

Other fan-outs, such as notifications of a scheduled PharmaNet outages, are sent to all PharmaNet users.

Receiving a Fan-out

You must read the fan-out message and determine if you or your practice should take any action.

Your practice should have procedures on how to handle fan-out messages. You should determine in advance, for instance, whether they should be printed and saved and/or communicated to staff members who do not have direct access to PharmaNet. You will be able to print and/or save the fan-out message if required.