Drug and Patient Education Monographs - EPNMP.06

Drug monographs provide you with information about the drug being prescribed and your patients with printed information and instructions for proper use.

Three types of monographs are available:

  • Patient education monograph—This monograph provides the patient with details about precautions, drug interactions and storage of the medication.

Note: When you administer or dispense an office use or sample medication to a patient, you may opt to provide them with the relevant patient education monograph.

  • Counseling monograph—Counselling monographs are pairs of monographs. One is for the professional and one is for the patient describing proper use and side effects of specific medications. These monographs may be used as an aid when counselling patients about the prescribed medications.
  • Drug-to-drug monograph—Drug-to-drug monographs provide information on possible drug-to-drug interactions for a particular drug product or for a pair of drug products. 
    • A request for a drug-to-drug monograph for a single medication provides all possible interactions for that medication.
    • A request for a drug-to-drug monograph for two medications provides information on interactions for that specific combination of medications.