Ostomy Supplies PINs

The ostomy supplies listed below are covered for eligible patients who have undergone bowel and/or bladder surgery that results in a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy, requiring an external pouch. Actual reimbursement is subject to the rules of the patient’s PharmaCare plan, including any deductible requirements.

Note: PharmaCare covers certain ostomy supplies for First Nations Health Authority clients under Plan W (see list below). The Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program may still cover some supplies not eligible under Plan W which may require NIHB prior authorization. 

Ostomy PINs





Ostomy pouch – drainable

Coloplast Sensura pouch #10471


Ostomy pouch – closed

Hollister Center Point Lock pouch #3347


Ostomy pouch – urostomy

Coloplast urostomy pouch #5570


Stoma caps, colostopads

Hollister #1796


Ostomy flanges and convex inserts

Coloplast Assura flange #14246


Colostomy irrigation sets

ConvaTec #1916


Colostomy irrigation cone, tip, faceplate, sleeves

ConvaTec VisiFlow cone , Hollister sleeves #7728


Urostomy night drainage sets

ConvaTec #27060


Urostomy tubing and adaptor

ConvaTec Accuseal adaptor


Urostomy leg bag and straps

Hollister #9825


Tape for securing the edges of an ostomy pouch— paper type only

3M paper tape


Ostomy skin barriers

Eakin seals #83900, Hollihesive skin barriers


Ostomy barrier strips/extenders

Coloplast Brava elastic barrier strip, Brava elastic tape straight, Brava elastic tape belt, SALTS flange extender with aloe, Hollister Adapt barrier extender


Skin care wipes, sprays and adhesive removers

Hollister skin gel wipes, ConvaTec All Kare  wipes


Ostomy paste, cement and powder

Stomahesive powder #5507, Hollister Adapt paste #9301


Ostomy accessories—belt (excluding ostomy support belts), belt rings, closures, filters, and guide strips

Hollister filters #7766, ConvaTec belt #175507


Ostomy adhesive spray

Hollister 7730


Tincture of benzoin



Ostomy pouch – reusable style

Marlen Neoprene, Permatype, Torbot


Faceplates for reusable ostomy pouches (i.e., faceplates for PIN 88123595 above)

Permatype, Marlen


Internal deodorants (oral tablets)

200mg capsules of bismuth subgallate

*Products in the right-hand column are examples only. Their inclusion is not an endorsement of these products. Coverage is not limited to these products or manufacturers.

**These items are covered only for patients using Ostomy Pouch – Urostomy (PIN 88123431)


Non-benefit Items

The following items are not benefits.

Note: Exclusion of a product from this list does not imply it is a benefit product.

  • Catheters—for any use, including
    • for management of any medical or post-surgical condition
    • all products for management of continent urostomies—catheters, absorbent pads
    • Note: PINs 88123480, 88123492 and 88123510 are benefits for patients using a urostomy pouch (PIN 88123431)
  • All products for the management of nephrostomy tubes, feeding tubes, other drainage tubes, wound  drainage—such as Hollister drain tube attachment device, or urinary drainage collection equipment  (including PINs 88123480, 88123492 and 88123510, except as noted above)
  • All products for management of urinary incontinence—catheters, condoms, drainage containment  equipment, diapering systems, incontinence pads, tubing and adapters (including PINs 88123480, 88123492 and 88123510, except as noted above)
  • Cotton covers for pouches or night drainage bottles
  • Pouch liners—such as Colo-Majic
  • Stoma hole cutters
  • Ostomy support belts—such as Nu-Hope
  • Skin protectants—such as Marathon skin protectant
  • Creams—such as Sween Cream, Chiron Cream, BAZA cream
  • Cleansers—such as Uni-Wash, ConvaTec AloeVesta products
  • Lubricants—such as KY Jelly, Hollister stoma lubricant
  • Tapes (other than paper-type or elastic barrier tape)—such as waterproof tape, Elastoplast, straight  transparent dressings—such as OpSite, Tegaderm
  • Room deodorants—such as M9
  • In-pouch deodorants—such as Uri-Kleen, M9, Banish
  • Hydrocolloid dressings—such as DuoDerm, Restore, Tegasorb
  • Instruments—such as scissors, dressings sets
  • Alcohol swabs, sterile and unsterile gauze
  • Any items purchased through online suppliers – items must be purchased from authorized PharmaCare providers.

PharmaCare does not cover any items, even if they are listed in this document, not used for the purposes stated. Non-benefit uses include management of a catheter, diabetes, an insulin pump, wounds, ineligible types of ostomy (e.g., a cecostomy or nephrostomy), feeding tubes, or urinary incontinence.