Client Registry

The Client Registry is the authoritative registry of health care client demographic information in British Columbia. This includes the personal health number, health authority source system identifiers (e.g., medical record number), name, date of birth, date of death (if applicable), gender, address and telephone number. An integrated point of service application can link an individual's clinical records (e.g., lab results) based on the patient's personal health number and source system identifiers from integrated systems across the province.

Authorized users with a point of service application integrated with the Client Registry can:

  • search for and capture patient identity information to support care and safe health service delivery
  • store client demographics from the Client Registry in the point of service application
  • update client demographic information in the Client Registry
  • create a personal health number for patients, ensuring every recipient of B.C. health-care services has one


The Client Registry standards are developed and managed by the B.C. Ministry of Health.  

Current Status



Download the latest version of the Client Registry conformance standards.


Last updated: July, 2018