Required Signage for Tanning Bed Facilities

Last updated on January 8, 2016

Under the Regulated Activities Regulation, people under 18 years are banned from using UV tanning equipment in commercial tanning facilities, unless they have a medical prescription. For information on the new rules, see B.C. Tanning Bed Ban.

It is illegal to allow anyone under 18 to use UV tanning equipment in commercial facilities without a prescription.

With regard to signage in tanning facilities, section 3.2 of the Regulated Activities Regulation states that:

1. An operator of a tanning facility must display in a prominent place where customers purchase services a sign that:

(a) is clearly visible;
(b) states clearly “It is illegal to permit persons under 18 to use UV tanning equipment in this facility without a prescription;” and
(c) is in the form provided by the minister for the purposes of this section

2. If a sign under subsection (1) is provided electronically, the sign must be printed

(a) without any changes; and
(b) in accordance with the directions of the minister, including directions in respect of size and print and background colour.

The wall sign and smaller adhesive-backed label below are approved for use under the Regulated Activities Regulation. All tanning bed facilities must post one of these. They are free to choose between the wall sign and the label. If facilities so choose, they may use both the sign and the label, but only one is required under the regulation.

The Regulated Activities Regulation requires that tanning bed facilities display the sign and/or label in a clearly visible location.

Wall Sign

This 8.5” by 11” (21.6 cm by 27.9 cm) sign can be downloaded from this website and must be printed without alteration. To view the sign in full size and print it, click on the image (PDF, 789KB).

Adhesive-Backed Label

This 4” by 5” (10.2 cm by 12.7 cm) label is posted here solely to show what it looks like. The label must not be downloaded and printed. It is available from the Ministry of Health, regional health authorities and the Joint Canadian Tanning Association (JCTA).