Health Forms

As you engage with the B.C. healthcare system, many services will require you to complete and submit forms to the provincial government. Find the entire collection of health-related forms here.


Enrolment MSP, account maintenance, application for premium assistance, and more.


For B.C. residents and health care professionals. Please select a category below.

Community & Assisted Living

Assisted Living Registry forms are used by operators of, or applicants for, assisted living residences. Senior's assisted living, mental health and substance use assisted living, home and community care financial profiles, service authorization, and professional services admission or discharge.

Out of Province

Out of Province claims processes hospital reciprocal payments to other provinces for BC Residents attending hospitals outside BC, as well as Non-Residents obtaining services in a BC hospital.  The forms below are to assist in these transactions.

Physician Compensation

The following forms are available for physicians wishing to enroll in the Alternative Payments Program (APP), the Primary Health Care Blended Funding Model, or any of the Rural Practice Programs.

Rural Practice Programs are now being managed by Locums for Rural BC.

Mental Health Forms

Forms for Addiction Information Management System, Client/Patient Information Management and Mental Health Act Forms.

EMA Licensing

The EMA Licensing Branch has developed forms to streamline the process for licence applications, exam requests, contact information updates, first responder course results, out-of-province transfers, and continuing competence requirements. To access EMA licensing forms please click here.