Wait Time Targets

The Ministry, in collaboration with the Provincial Surgical Executive Committee (PSEC), is developing work plans to achieve surgical access targets. Details will be updated in the near future.

Federal Benchmarks

The pan-Canadian benchmarks were established in 2005. Benchmarks are defined here as “evidence-based goals each province or territory will strive to meet, while balancing other priorities aimed at providing quality care to Canadians. Benchmarks express the maximum amount of time that clinical evidence shows is appropriate to wait for a particular procedure.” Because not all delays in receiving treatment are directly related to access to care, it may not be reasonable to expect 100% of procedures to be performed within a benchmark time frame. For detailed information on the federal benchmarks please see CIHI website.

Procedure Federal Benchmark
Radiotherapy Within 4 weeks (28 days) of patient being ready to treat
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Within 2 to 26 weeks (14 to 182 days), depending on how urgently care is needed
Cataract Surgery 16 weeks (112 days) for patients who are at high risk
Hip Replacement Within 26 weeks
Knee Replacement Within 26 weeks
Fixation of Hip Fracture Within 48 hours