School Act

The School Act requires health services to be provided by School Boards and outlines the duties and responsibilities of the school medical health officer. School medical health officers are designated by regional health boards, authorized to inspect school buildings and surroundings, and may order closure of schools if the health or safety of students is at risk. School medical health officers may also examine the general health of students attending the schools. If a health condition of a student endangers the health or welfare of other students or employees, the school medical officer must inform the school board and the board must take action.

School staff is responsible for reporting a student who suffers from a condition that might endanger the health or welfare of the others at the school. This could result in school staff insisting that the student not return to the school until cleared to do so by the school medical officer. School Boards may also require employees to undergo examinations by a medical practitioner on the advice of the school medical officer and must suspend employees who are determined to be a danger to the health and welfare of students.