Community Care & Assisted Living Act

The Community Care and Assisted Living Act replaced the Community Care Facility Act in 2004. The Act continues to provide licensing for community care facilities that offer care to vulnerable people in child day care, child and youth residential and adult residential settings. It also establishes a new registration process for assisted living residences that accommodate seniors and persons with disabilities who receive housing, hospitality, personal assistance services and can direct their own care.

In addition, the Act provides information about the powers and duties of MHOs. Under the Act, an MHO may issue, suspend, or attach terms or conditions to a license, and vary terms or conditions of that license without notice if he or she has reasonable grounds to believe that there is an immediate risk to the health or safety of a person in care.

Further, an MHO must investigate every application and every complaint, carry out inspections, and perform additional duties during the administration of the Act. An MHO may grant an exemption from a requirement of the Act or regulation, provided that there is no increased risk to health or safety of a person or persons in care.

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