Pandemic Influenza

An influenza pandemic may occur when an influenza virus radically changes and can easily infect humans, and against which people have little or no immunity. Pandemics have been recorded every ten to forty years dating back to the 1600s, and likely long before then. There were three during the last century. In the 1918-19, the "Spanish flu", over 20 million people died worldwide. The last pandemic, the "Hong Kong flu", occurred in 1968.

British Columbia continually works with provincial, national and international partners to plan, prepare for and respond to a possible influenza pandemic. This website provides information and tips to help individuals, local governments, health sector organizations and businesses plan for an influenza pandemic. It also includes guidelines, response plans, public information materials, contacts and informational links.

BC Pandemic Influenza Response Plan (2012) (167 KB)

BC Pandemic Influenza Antiviral Distribution Plan (2012) (158 KB)

BC Pandemic Influenza Communication And Education Framework (2012) (359 KB)

BC Pandemic Influenza Community Psychosocial Support Plan (2012) (259 KB)

BC Pandemic Influenza Ethics Framework (2012) (5.1 MB)

BC Pandemic Influenza Human Resource Planning Guideline (2012) (390 KB)

BC Pandemic Influenza Laboratory Plan (2012) (442 KB)

BC Pandemic Influenza Planning Assumptions (2012) (194 KB)

BC Pandemic Influenza Private Physican Office Infection Control Guidelines (2012) (1.9 MB)

BC Pandemic Influenza Psychosocial Support Plan for Health Care Workers and Providers (2012) (435 KB)

BC Pandemic Influenza Self Care Guide (2012) (217 KB)

BC Pandemic Influenza Surveillance Plan (2012) (259 KB)

BC Pandemic Influenza Testing Guidelines (2012) (145 KB)

BC Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Storage Transfer Security Plan (2012) (386 KB)

RN and RPN Decision Support Tool (Clinical Practice Guidelines)

RN and RPN Decision Support Tool (Clinical Practice Guidelines) for Identification and
Early Treatment of Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) Symptoms during an Influenza Pandemic in
the Absence of a Medical Practitioner or Nurse Practitioner (557 KB)