Do I need an exemption?

You may be unsure if you need an exemption. The table below lists commonly requested exemption requests and guidance on whether the exemption is required or not. This is not a comprehensive list, and if your scenario does not fall into any of the categories, please contact us.

Exemption Required

Exemption Not Required

I want to develop an information system without using private sector developers.

I want a contractor to connect to our internal SharePoint. You just need to get them a BCeID (contact the 7-7000 Service Desk)

I am looking to be exempt from using a 3rd Party Gateway, or are looking to create Active Directory Trusts

I want to use a disk erasure tool to erase the hard-drive on a file server that is being returned under warranty and replaced. (Refer to requirements for device erase tools).

I want to use shared or generic accounts

I want to replace equipment that currently has an approved exemption

I want to bypass a device or applications security controls (e.g. encryption, logging, etc)

I want to deploy a public Kiosk

I want to run an application that manages it’s own user IDs and password.

I want to evaluate a device/product for a short-term pilot.

I wish to use a non-standard device (e.g. MAC, Android, etc)


I want to change password timeouts or use non-expiring password