At Risk Newsletter

At Risk is a risk management newsletter for British Columbia provincial government ministries and organizations.

Volume 22, Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2014 (PDF)

  • Retirement of our Accomplished Leader
  • ASK RISK: Why does government put such a strong emphasis on compliance?
  • Last Words
  • Mental Stress claim arising at work is a WCB matter
  • Risk Perception: this time it’s personal

Volume 21, Issue 2 Fall/Winter 2013 (PDF)

  • Searching for Truth in Numbers
  • In Memoriam
  • Protecting Government’s Brand Identity
  • Coverage for Additional Insureds

Volume 21, Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2013 (PDF, 1.2MB)

  • Homeowners and WorkSafeBC
  • Social Media in the Government Context
  • RIMS Canada Conference Preview
  • Ministry Level Risk Registers are Easier than You Think

Volume 20, Issue 2 Fall/Winter 2012 (PDF)

  • WorkSafeBC Contractor Basics
  • Risk Society
  • Change is Coming...New Risk Management Policy
  • Congratulations: RMB Executive Director Wins Premier's Award

Volume 20, Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2012 (PDF)

  • And the Winner is... How to Launch a Successful Contest
  • ASK RISK: What to do when a colleague’s behaviour makes you fear for your safety
  • Context Matters! 2010 Winter Olympics case study
  • Insurance Act Reforms

Volume 19, Issue 2 Fall/Winter 2011 (PDF)

  • Getting the Most from a Risk Assessment
  • And the award goes to... recognizing the achievements of one of our own
  • ASK RISK: The Difference between Surety Bonds and Irrevocable Letters of Credit
  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems – help them help you

Volume 19, Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2011 (PDF)

  • Government Security Office
  • ASK RISK: Pollution Liability – when it’s necessary
  • Enrolment Process for Master Insurance Program
  • General Incident and Loss Reports just got easier
  • Out with the Old, in with the New Risk Management Standard

Volume 18, Issue 2 Fall/Winter 2010 (PDF)

  • The New Risk Register
  • Multi-Function Device Information Risks
  • Risk Management In Contracts
  • ASK RISK: the role of the Government Security Office vs. other security functions across government

Volume 18, Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2010 (PDF)

  • Insurance in Government Contracts
  • Risk Management: It’s Like Hot Sauce
  • Government Appointees Indemnity Program
  • Steps to Take When a Loss Occurs
  • ASK RISK: government’s self-insurance – what it is and what it covers

Volume 17, Issue 2 Fall/Winter 2009 (PDF)

  • Information Systems Risk Assessments
  • Effective Risk Identification – introducing a new approach
  • I should probably get everybody to sign a waiver!
  • High Hazard Construction Risk
  • Indemnities in Disguise
  • ASK RISK: limitations of liability – what they are and how they work

Volume 17, Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2009 (PDF)

  • Rental Vehicles: The Least You Need to Know
  • What is it we do here anyway?
  • How do I Know? Professional Liability Insurance
  • CGL Spelled Out
  • Provincial Construction Program
  • ASK RISK: the difference between traditional risk management and Enterprise Risk Management

Volume 16, Issue 1 Fall/Winter 2008 (PDF)

  • The Risks of Waiving Contract Insurance — Why Some Organizations Waive it, and Why You Shouldn’t
  • Waivers, Limitations of Liability and Indemnification Clauses in Contracts
  • See you at the Forum

Volume 15, Issue 1 Summer/Fall 2007 (PDF)

  • Risk-Based Policy Development for Health
  • Insurance for Volunteers
  • Electronic Filing of General Incident Loss Reporting Form Undergoes a Facelift
  • Work Experience/Practicum Placements

Volume 14, Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2006 (PDF)

  • Enterprise Risk Management Implementation
  • Water, Water Everywhere – Mop It? Yes, but THINK
  • Pandemic Preparedness
  • Security – Works for Me!